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Removing The Barriers To Success

Every person has a goal or set of sub goal. To reach these we have to work around our limitations such as: time, consumption and communication. Genysys Engine is an intelligent engine that understands human behaviour, experience and world around us. It uses this knowledge to work alongside businesses by creating intelligent assistive technologies or using readily available technologies. Genysys Engine is already helping businesses remove the barriers to growing online with Wally, the website assistant. He gives individuals the power of a full team of developers at their fingertips!

Business Solutions & Tools

Wally the website assistant page editor

Wally The Website Assistant

Create, manage and grow a website effortlessly with Wally, the website assistant. He will work alongside your team to build you a stand alone website. He will design and develop your perfect website and work with you to create effective content to bring targeted traffic to your website.

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website audit for performance, design and SEO

Website Audit

Deep websites audits are perfect for businesses who manage their own website but are seeking to improve the overall performance and results they receive from it. Our audits can be tailored to performance, SEO, user experience or all three.

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keyword research report

Keyword Research

Use the power of the engine to carry out keyword research on your existing website. Our audit will tell you the keywords you have, provide 1000 new keyword ideas and provide data around the growth of the search terms.

Keyword Research
Via wings website design and development by Genysys Engine

Website Development At Your Fingertips.

Wally, the website assistant remove's the time, resources and experience needed to create a stand alone website for your business. He works like a development agency to take your content and turn it into a great website. Once it is live, you can work with Wally to bring visitors to your website and convert traffic into leads.

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Wally is like a development agency opposed to a website builder. A website builder you need to create your website using templates. Wally works with the information you provide to create you a website with the functionality your business requires.

You can add any new information to your dashboard, for example, you can supply event information. Once done, create a task for wally and he will design and develop your website page, create a registration form and automated emails for your event.

Wally loves to help businesses with their SEO. He will work alongside your business to create action plans and provide the content you need to rank on the first page of Google.

The price of the website is tailored to your needs and functionality you require. Our websites start from 45-2000 and monthly management subscriptions begin at 120 per month.

Website Audits

Better Results

Increase your website performance to improve your user experience, SEO score, conversion rate and improve your brand reputation.

More Visitors

SEO is the most cost effective to bring visitors to your website. Our audit will find the areas of SEO that are working and the areas you need to improve.

website audit for small businesses

Precise & Accurate

Our website audits are powered by our intelligent engine, making our report more accurate and precise than any other website audit.

Cost Effective

As our website audits are carried out by a machine, they are more cost effective than paying for human time.

faq ai tools and services for small businesses


Answers to commonly asked questions.

Using AI-managed services and tools can save you time and resources. It can automate tedious tasks while delivering better performance for your startup or small business using data and metrics. For example: Wally the website assistant, gives the power of a full team of developers and marketers to small businesses who would otherwise might not be able to afford it.

Yes Genysys Engine can offer discounts for nonprofits, small businesses and startups who are in need of a website but are struggling to pay the upfront costs.

Genysys Engine can create a wide range of websites, however, as a startup team we have decided to focus on business websites, nonprofit websites and landing page websites.

Creating a website with Genysys Engine is quick and easy. Your website can take anything from 24 hours to 60 days, depending on the size of the website and whether it requires any new features or integrations.

Genysys Engine is an intelligent engine that can understand human behaviours, experiences and the world around us. It uses this knowledge to create intelligent assistive technologies or utilise readily available technologies. The engine powers our AI tools and services. All AI-managed services are checked, and managed by humans.

Getting started with Genysys Engine is easy, book a free consultation by completing out our online contact form or email To use any of our tools, you can pay directly online and begin using the service.